Tin Avalanche

The German word for slow-moving rush hour traffic is Blechlawine, with translates as “tin avalanche.”

Music: Lügen und Das Ich

It didn’t really feel like a good time to add a new “songs to play loud” post, right now. It is not a happy time. But considering the sheer amount of lies that Russia is spreading about its invasion of Ukraine (de-nazification?! Russia DIDN’T attack?!? WTF?!?), German goth band “Das Ich” and their old, old track “Lügen und Das Ich” (perhaps best translated as “Lies and The Id“) inevitably came to mind.

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Three Servings of Bilingual Brain-Fry

After a little more than 10 years in California (and now also one year of “lockdown” with limited contact to German friends), the lack of using the German language is beginning to show.

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Double Trouble

I tried to double down my efforts in understanding English phrases and expression, but it made me double up, so I doubled back.

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