Kumquat 2023

A slice of buttered toast with home-made Jumquat jam on a wooden plate; March 2023.

First taste of our kumquat jam, freshly made in March 2023. Shuwen did all the hard work, harvesting, slicing the kumquat and removing the seeds. All I had to do was follow a recipe (link; she said this requires German precision😅), give it an occasional stir, and fill it into jars at the end.

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Mysterious Memorial Stone at Garnet Peak

The K. P. Zaleski Memorial Rock at Garnet Peak, Laguna Mountains, California; July 2022.

During one of my monsoon visits to the Laguna Crest, I noticed an out-of-place looking blue rock a short distance away from the summit of Garnet Peak. No other rock in the area has this color or texture. The rock has an inscription on it and is probably 18-20″ long (~50cm), maybe more. It must have been considerable effort to get the rock up there and place it!

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Moon Dogs

Moondogs appear in clouds left and right of the moon in Rancho Bernardo, California; October 2021.

While out on our evening walk in the neighborhood yesterday, a few thin clouds happened to be just in the right position left and right of the moon to allow for an appearance of paraselenae aka moon dogs — similar to sun dogs, except that they appear left and right of the moon, on the 22° halo ring. I had never seen them before.

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