Buick & Beethoven

Most of the time, I use YouTube and “the internet” as a whole on my desktop computer, with Firefox and uBlock Origin. Without an ad-blocker, so much of “the net” is completely intolerable and I had forgotten just HOW crappy it is when I recently tried the YouTube app, on our Apple TV.

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Shuwen’s been watching YouTube and was served a Porsche ad. Now I suspect she has secretly come to money and didn’t tell me.

Bosch Spinoff on IMDb TV

I recently learned that after season 7 of Bosch, a “police procedural” series that I binged in its entirety not just once but twice, there will be a spinoff. Yay! The bad news: it’ll be available for streaming on IMDb TV. “Ad-supported.”

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Thanks but no thanks, Facebook

Facebook is making the news for a while now with their artificial limitation of the so-called “organic reach” of a pages’ posts (that’s the amount of people that will see a new post from a page directly in their Facebook Newsfeed). The latest one that I read is this article on Gawker’s ValleyWag. There’s also that article on The Federalist that has an insight into how FB’s Newsfeed algorithm works.

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