Shuwen’s been watching YouTube and was served a Porsche ad. Now I suspect she has secretly come to money and didn’t tell me.

Makes Sense

I finally understand why Marjorie Taylor-Green is so devoted to Trump: she’s afraid of Jewish space lasers — and he’s the only one who can deflect anything and everything…

Rush Hour Time Paradox

Leave now to beat traffic, drive 30 minutes, and you’ll arrive half an hour early to your appointment — or — leave in 30 minutes, hit traffic, and then you’ll be half an hour late. 🤪

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Humor: Perfect World

Judge: And will the defendant explain to the court why he set the grocery store on fire, please? Me: Your honor, they had the salad mix WITH cilantro in the bin where the one WITHOUT cilantro was supposed to be. Judge: Case dismissed, you’re free to go!

Sunday Punday

The precise method of combining finely shredded raw cabbage with dressing or a condiment into a cold side dish or “New England Salad” is defined in Cole’s Law.

Sunday Punday

The first version of Microsoft’s database server was so bad, they had to quickly come up with a SQL.

Sunday Punday

When solid precipitation is so scary big that you wet your pants, it’s probably pee-sized hail.