Week after week, I’m picking up the same stupid advertising bundle from our driveway (or the gutter, depending on where it lands after it gets tossed out of the driver-side window from an old white van that swerves left and right on our road at 4 a.m.) — to then separate the plastic wrapper from the paper, and dispose of it all.

Month by month I take the same letters addressed to “Current Homeowner” out of the mailbox, the coupon bundles, the Neighborhood “magazine”, the “last chance!” reminders from charities we donated to, once, and magazines we subscribed to, an eon ago, and directly put it all into the recycle bin.

There are days when I take five or more letters out of the mailbox and they’re ALL JUNK.

Considering that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” one can only conclude: yes, advertising really is complete insanity. All the resources, the time and effort, for the slim prospect to make a buck? It seems incredibly wasteful.

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