The Subwoofer Is Dead

Today I noticed that my music and sound was awfully tinny — the subwoofer of my trusty old BlueSky Exo² audio system had stopped working. Since this is an integrated system with the amplifier inside the subwoofer, passive desktop speakers and a remote to control volume and sub level, I can’t just exchange the subwoofer, so I need something new.

I came to like 2.1 system “kits” because my listening is done mostly when I’m at my computer, and that way I don’t need to think much of a separate amplifier or anything. When my old Kenwood amplifier died, many many years ago, I switched to a Videologic Sirocco Pro system with desktop amp, stereo monitors, and a subwoofer. It was a beast and I loved it, but obviously there was no way to bring it from Germany to the United States when I moved!

Once I was settled in here, towards the end of 2010, I went for the smaller BlueSky Exo² and it served me well for many years. The subwoofer began to make some funny, low-noise sounds occasionally, so something was up, but with the sub placed out of the way and the system being quite old it didn’t bother me too much. Well, I guess now I know that this sound was a bad omen! 😛

Having not shopped for any sound/audio/hifi equipment for so many years I feel quite out of the loop, and some learning will inevitably have to commence first until I know what’s what. I’m not overly audiophile but, despite some mild tinnitus, do have a sensitive hearing still, so sound quality and feel does matter to me…

This whole story has evolved into more of a story than I would have liked to so for the sake of public entertainment, I thought I’d document it all and this first post is dated back to the day when the events began to unfold. 😜

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