Another Robin

The Robins are still coming to visit our backyard. They seem to particularly like the berries of the huge Brazilian Pepper that grows on the slope towards our neighbor at the back.

I know this because of countless droppings that they leave around the water bowls and little leftover puddles from the recent rains, which they like to use.

When I looked up the origin of their scientific name, I found that Turdus stands for thrush (the German word “Drossel” for this family of birds has the same origin) but considering the English meaning for the word “turd” 😬 I couldn’t help but think that their scientific name Turdus migratorius could mean “wandering pooper” too. 😅

Anyway, here’s one that dared to get pretty close to the camera because he really liked a shallow puddle on the concrete patio. Had he hopped a little closer, I might have been able to get a photo of the bird and its reflection in the puddle, but after I made a few photos (this one being the best/cutest of them), he or she flew off.

And of course I do not like that slice of concrete in the foreground of the photo…

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